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For a Young Adult novella, Body Swap had some surprising depth. The portion of the book when William is in Stephanie's body is very well-handled and (most importantly) quite realistic. The obligatory scenes of struggling with a bra and heels are there, but it's handled with sensitivity instead of being used for slaptstick comedy. William's emotional and mental struggles are the focus here, and they're quite touching.

(Sally Sapphire, goodreads.com)


This was a really cute book. It was so fun reading a young story written from a boy's point of view. Boys do think so differently than girls and it came across throughout the story. Many of the scenes were pretty dang funny with a boy in a girl's body and I laughed out loud at times. The best surprise however, was that it was a sweet and touching story about forgiveness and moving forward :) Great middle grade read!

(Brenda, goodreads.com)

This story does a great job of grabbing the reader and getting them to feel the main characters emotions. You will be taken by William and shown his world through his eyes. You will feel as he does and in the end have a better understanding of his life. I was mesmerized and will be on the look out for more by this author.

(Albert Robbins, amazon.com, goodreads.com)

Body Swap is a great book. What I liked was that I was able to learn new things and laugh at the same time! The plot is well crafted and suspense is cleverly maintained until the end. I highly recommend this novel to readers of all ages.

(Claude L., amazon.com)

I read YA novels every now and then for a light read. This one was really good. I loved most of the characters and the author did a great job of letting you into their heads. The best part was reading how difficult it would be for a boy to be trapped in a girls body. It was good, clean fun and mildy amusing in certain parts. Worth the money for a quick, easy read.

(Arrowsmith, amazon.com)


Body Swap
is available in paperback
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Title: Body Swap
First Published: 2010
Publisher: Smashwords
ISBN: 9781452322605 (e-book)
ISBN: 9781453876923 (paperback)
Language: English
Pages: 179



"To hell


Out of the blue, thirteen-year-old William and his friend Pat receive a text message plea from cyberspace from a girl called Stephanie, who pretends to have exited her body during a coma and says she needs their help to return to her body.

The two friends’ initial solution misfires and a disastrous mix up occurs. William ends up trapped in Stephanie’s body and shut out of his own!

In Stephanie’s body, William experiences things girls have to live with, from unwelcome approaches, to bras and high heels. The situation becomes even more desperate when Pat falls in love with Stephanie.

But time is running out. To coordinate and apply the required body swap reversal therapy tests the three friends’ formidable skills and energies to the limit. Will William stay in Stephanie’s body forever? And who the hell is the evil creature now inhabiting his own body?
The world's first text message adventure romance...
 ...with the other side!