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"The Wings of Leo Spencer" is the type of book that draws the reader in from the first chapter. (...) A very imaginative and entertaining book, a great read for people of all ages.
(Wendy O'Hanlon, Queensland Provincial Newspapers)

Unusual, uplifting and utterly charming. (Derek Webb)

Parisse has a lively style and an excellent plot idea in a created yet familiar world.
(Virginia Lowe, Create a Kids' Book)

Jerome's writing style is fast-paced and economical, while being able to bring his characters to life by creating flaws and virtues which most readers can relate to.
(John Morrow's Pick of the Week)

The Wings of Leo Spencer is a touching and warm-hearted tale of love, family and friendship. (...) The Wings of Leo Spencer is a subtle and unassuming novel that’ll work it’s way into your heart.
(Sophie, So Many Books, So Little Time)

I seriously loved this book! LOVED IT! I could not put it down! Its very imaginative, and it has a fun way to think about what heaven would be like! In the book, you would think of something like a milkshake, or a beautiful beach and it would appear! If thats heaven then count me in! I definately recommend this book, I already want to read it again! I know this will be one I will enjoy for the rest of my life!
(Mindy Sorensen, goodreads.com)

The reason i quite enjoyed this book was basically because it was something different. The plot was interesting and unique, the writing was easy to follow and the main character was likable. It was a fun, quick and light read that had me gripped from the very beginning.
(Louise, goodreads.com)

Despite this being a young adult book, it should appeal to everyone. It certainly appealed to me and I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself - I certainly don’t feel like one!
(Nikki-Ann, goodreads.com)

A great story that one could say gives the kind of hope that faith brings to believers of an afterlife. (...) A great read, one that can be enjoyed by all ages, and perhaps even read to little ones, in place or even supporting religious stories.
(Michelle O' Flynn, goodreads.com)

This a great young adult book. It was funny and sad without being silly or maudlin.
(Sue, goodreads.com)
Title: The Wings of Leo Spencer
First Published: 2010
Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers
ISBN: 9781921642142
ISBN-10: 1921642149
Language: English
Pages: 276





"An angel of a book"
Fourteen year old Leo has found the most amazing present for his mum’s birthday.
Unfortunately, someone has decided that he will not live to see it...

As he dies, Leo finds himself facing a terrifying choice, one that will impact his life – or his death – forever.

But who wanted him dead in the first place? And why is he being targeted by an evil force?

Even Geraldine - dead and loving every minute of it - has no clue as to what's happening.

Leo's search for the truth takes him to the most astonishing places, and presents him with a challenge even greater than dying: to protect his family and his best friend from a terrible fate…
How do you protect your family and your best friend from a terrible fate if you're dead and you can make no impression on the material world?